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Ice Sailing in Les Rousses

The International DN deals with classes pertaining iceboats. DN is a shortened form of Detroit News and it refers to the place where the first iceboats were made for winter sporting. A group of 50 commoners worked with some other iceboaters to come up with a design for the first ice racing boats. The main craftmanship was working in Detroit in a News hobby shop. Unfortunately, the first iceboats broke down during the first season, and they decided to modify them to improve on the design and strength. The group worked together, and they built a second set of iceboats. The new design consists of a narrow cockpit which accommodates only one person. However, the design still remains the most popular up to date.

Les Rousses

The DN boasts a huge number of followers and it operates under the regulations by the international DN ice yacht racing association. It is the body that sets the standards for the designing of iceboats and it gives room for ice sailing enthusiasts to gather for games and discuss about great ice sailing venues. The DN has many fans, and the world champions alternate between North America and Europe every year. The world champions from North America and the European championship ranks among the racers in the world ranking.

The DN iceboat is getting popular each year due to their transportability and how fast the sailing iceboats can be. With the right ice conditions, the DN can be piloted properly at a speed exceeding 50 miles per hour.

Joining the DN Class for A Day

There are several winter sporting activities including skiing, snowboarding and sledding. You can choose one that suits you since the joy that comes with it is incredible. Les Rousses has great destinations for sailing. You might be wondering what ice sailing is all about. Well, here are great insights about it. It is a powering sporting activity that you can enjoy in the open environment or in the wind. It consists of snowboarding, skating, sailing, and skiing. We were there recently, and the experience is what we love and like about winter sports. The fancy bit is that you can do it either on the ice-covered with snow or do it directly.

We were introduced to ice sailing by the swiss ice sailing association, and we have become passionate about the game from that time since the game is thrilling and electrifying. You can also do it in a variety of places and get to enjoy the game. Also, the game is very green and free from power usage. Isn’t it amazing having a sporting activity that you can enjoy in the wind? If you are yet to try it, I assure you, it is truly wind dancing.

We are grateful to the swiss ice sailing association for hosting us and, importantly, introducing us to ice sailing, which gave me an incredible experience, particularly the impressive speeds. It was so much fun. We will forever be indebted to the association.

Photography Sébastien Rohner

DN Ice Sailing Switzerland

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