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6 Exquisite Timepieces for this Summer

This is the story of six exquisite watches selected by GMT Magazine. It is a collaboration between GMT Magazine Destination - Sailing and Stiftung HZB Historische Zürichsee Boote. The latter took us out on the water with Ajax (Motorboat) and Victor (Rudder Boat). During this time, a shooting occurred by the lake Zurich, where we wanted to showcase the watches.

Exquisite timepieces are of high quality with accurate regulations. They are long-lasting, and if properly cared for, they'd last for several decades. In this case, they can be passed on to the next generation. Watches are precious since they display artistry. Below are six exquisite timepieces to have for the Summer.

1. Vacheron Constantin / Oversea Dual Time

This is an overseas steel dual time zone watch combined with a day-night indicator and a date hand. Distinctively, its blue dial blends beautifully with the steel case. It features complications to assist the daily life of a traveller. It's good since its self-winding movement offers a power reserve of nearly up to three days.

2. Cartier / Pasha Chronograph

Pasha de Cartier is a steel chronograph watch. It is enhanced with automatic movement, interchangeable metal and leather straps. It comes in different colours such as dark grey, rose gold, yellow gold and white gold.

3. Jaeger LeCoultre / Polaris Mariner Memovox

This luxurious watch displays its prestigious lineage with the Momovox sports model. It has an alarm that serves as an audible signal for divers to return to the surface. It has thorough finishes and well-made lines, a design with assured power.

4. Blancpain / Fifty Fahoms Bathyscaphe Day Date Desert Edition

This watch was made in 1953 by Blacpain for French Navy combat divers. It advanced a few years later to Bathyscaphe. Blancpain proposes a new version that has wowed the crowds when presented at Baselworld 2018. This new edition maintains its 1970s flair intact but opts for a more muted palette of desert-inspired colours.

5. Uliysse Nardin / Diver Lemon Shark

Uliysse Nardin launched the Diver Lemon Shark in keeping with the Swiss watch manufacturer's devotion to shark conversion worldwide. This is a contemporary and functional model explicitly designed for the deep.

6. Bvlgari / Serpenti Spiga

This watch joins modern style with an ancient inspiration. It symbolises Roman. Striking with fashionable ceramic, the precious timepiece boasts Bvlgari's ability to forge unconventional materials.

A fine watch is like a luxury car in its resale value. Having a luxurious one is an excellent opportunity for a fantastic investment. According to the market nature, they are flexible assets that can quickly and safely be converted back into cash. These watches also give one social status. It would be nice having one.

Photography Sébastien Rohner

Styling Mimmi Stucki

Models Marina Summer & Romano Brizzi

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