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Sailing between Mountains

Life can be stressful. It can take you to a roller coaster ride of thousands of emotions. Some might lead to comforting memories where others might prove hazardous to your mental state.

Nevertheless, whatever the situation might be at the end of the day, we all deserve something pleasant to calm down our souls. And, what can relax us more than a soothing sailing between the green mountains of Switzerland?

Urnersee is just the perfect destination for your relaxing holiday. Between all those dramatic cliffs of Lake Lucerne, you can enjoy the dreamlike scenarios in an incredibly quiet atmosphere.

Lake Lucerne is one of the fourth largest lakes of Switzerland, and it is famous for its mesmerizing natural beauty. Its unique shape makes it even more attractive to visitors.

Besides, due to the location and the distinct shape of the lake, regular traveling methods don’t work well to cover it entirely. Which means sailing is the only way if you want to see all of it.

The structure of the entire lake is a bit irregular and seems like lying on four separate valleys. However, all of that blends out seamlessly by accumulating within the shields of green mountains. You will more likely to observe sharp bends while sailing across it.

Passing between all the sharp bends, you will head yourself towards the steepest cliffs. And, among all those cliffs, the Urnersee is undoubtedly the most beautiful one. Comparing to the other ones, it is on the wild and remote side.

However, that makes it different from others and will pull you closer the moment you lay your eyes on it. The elevation of the Urnersee is 431 meters, which is quite high, and the mountains are extensively green.

Also, it covers the deepest part of the lake and makes itself as a better option for sailing and kayaking. Besides, if you are in a mood of some watersports, you can go ahead and try out water skiing or diving between these amusing cliffs.

Again, the areas that surround the entire lake is medium in height. That is why these locations are now mostly used to attract tourists. You can find boat stations along with mountain railways here for the latter part of your trip. Overall, the destination is ideal for taking you a step closer to nature and ease your spirit.

However, if you are still daunting about your decision, then think of it as an opportunity to get rid of all the chaos and anxiety of your life and give yourself a boost to move forward. And why not? You never know when life will give you another chance to witness all that. So, why let go of the opportunity when you have the chance, right?

Therefore, seize that ticking clock for a while and give yourself a break from that same old schedule. Trust me. You will never regret this experience of treating your eyes by sailing between such a magnificent destinations.

Film & Photography by Sébastien Rohner

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