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Cannes: A Cruise on Sunreef 80 Yachts to Showcase the Glashütte Original Timepiece

Glashütte Original revels the rebirth of the world's first Glashütte diver's watch and is created for the adventurous, fearless, and sporty men around the world using the SeaQ Panorama Date.

The perfect place to showcase this sporty and elegant watch is a morning Cruise on the stunning Sunreef 80 Yachts.

Cannes: They Are Very Beautiful

A nice warm, sunny morning in Cannes, after delicious coffee and fresh croissants, it is time for our cruise with Sunreef 80 Yachts. The fresh, salty flavour of the maritime is in the air as the crew gently manoeuvres the yacht outside the dock, and the captain commands the windswept sails to get ready in the refreshing breeze and sail out into the open sea.

Glashütte Original Revel the Rebirth of the Timepiece

From the 19th century, Glashütte precision watches have as well been utilized as dependable devices for navigating and positioning, at sea, in the air, and on land. Glashütte Original offers the SeaQ line enthused by the original 50 years since the 1969 Spezimatic kind RP TS 200. The Panorama Date SeaQ is a watch for people with a need for adventure, freedom, and a certain mastery of elegance and style.

Design Meets Modernity and History

The Panorama Date SeaQ design is stimulated by the ancient model. The designers at Glashütte understood the challenge of changing the award-winning 36-gauge for severe underwater usage. The dial was accented with radiation enamel, applied indices, and Arabic numerals. The contemporary version has a stainless steel case with a diameter of 43.2 mm, a rotatable stainless steel bezel with ceramic insert and a sapphire crystal case on the back.

Water Resistant To 300 Meters

The timepiece complies with the ISO and DIN standards for sea watches concerning legibility, water resistance, saltwater resistance, and shock resistance. Every model is thoroughly tested at the Glashütte plant before conveyance to the client. The unidirectional rotating bezel is utilized to safely determine the dive time. The SeaQ panorama date is waterproof up to 300 meters and as a result also appropriate for diving experts.

About Glashütte Original Timepiece Maker

Glashütte Original represents the contemporary German timepiece making, whose roots go back to 1845. Like an authentic manufacturer in the renowned section, they combine traditional workmanship with the modern production techniques under a single roof. With intuition, passion and a high degree of vertical integration, exclusive watches are made that combine practical sophistication, timeless elegance, and maximum precision.

Timepiece Glashütte Original

Sailing Yacht Sunreef 80

Photography & Film Sébastien Rohner

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