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Beauty On The Lake Constance

We recently met up with model Graciella Huber, founder and owner of SOREA Holistic Beauty, for a winter shoot on the tranquil waters of the Bodensee.

Nestled between Switzerland, Germany and Austria, the Bodensee lake (known in English as Lake Constance) is surrounded by resort towns and typically sees tourists flock to its waters for sailing, windsurfing and swimming in the summer months.

This time, though, it was the perfect winter setting for our latest DESTINATION - SAILING shoot by photographer Sébastien Rohner. Adorned in colour-blocked ethical fashion by Sanikai, Huber elegantly shifts poses between takes.

It’s strange to imagine this graceful figure ever experiencing issues with her skin, today resembling none of the symptoms of her previous atopic dermatitis which had been a major problem for her modelling career in years gone by.

While studying psychology, Huber had suffered with continuous skin issues despite countless therapies and use of expensive specialist products. It wasn’t until a trip to Vietnam, where she was introduced to the ‘Dien Chan’ method (by Prof. Dr. Bùi Quôc Châu) that things finally began to improve.

Dien Chan (‘VinaMa’ in Vietnamese) was first developed by the Professor in the early 1980s. This form of facial reflexology activates the body's own self-healing powers to rebalance body and mind, bringing holistically beautiful results.

Yin/yang textured rollers, gentle points detectors and other facial tools are carefully utilised to pinpoint areas of concern for targeted stimulation and relief.

So inspired by this method, Huber began learning it for herself before finally founding her own business specialising in this holistic healing practice 2017.

As someone who has experienced the benefits of Dien Chan first hand, the model stands as first-hand proof of its remarkable effects. Fitting then, that we see her sailing in serenity on the Bodensee – the ideal destination for a revitalising escape for both body and mind.

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Photography by Sébastien Rohner

Hair&MakeUp Vikon Bassil

Words by Shalagh-Ann Fredericks

Clothing by Sanikai

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