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The Gulf of Trieste

Discovering Trieste

It is an Italian port that is located on the Slovenian border. This fantastic historical city is the capital of region Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The town serves as an essential harbour in this locality. That is because it is located right at the entrance of the famous Gulf of Trieste.

The city is a mixture of different ethnic backgrounds from the surrounding countries and regions such as Austria, Venice, and Slovenia. The dominant dialect, however, is known as Triestine. Together with the official Italian language, the two are the languages widely used in this city. Slovene is also spoken but in few immediate suburbs of Trieste.

Slovene and Venetian languages are widely considered indigenous languages in the city. You will also not fail to meet with a few German speakers in Trieste.

The town is known to embrace technology, and a lot of scientific research goes on here. That has led even to the creation of United Nations Organizations that are to enhance more in-depth scientific studies from here.

The town is famously known as the town of science in Italy and has played host to several significant scientific events. Trieste enjoys and boasts of a unique location where it is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and Carsic hills all over.

There are many leisure and sporting activities you can undertake in the great Italian city. Here there are no long traffic jams or smog as in the case of other Italian towns. Your tour could be the best thing that can ever happened to you.


Besides being a beautiful town with a tranquil atmosphere, Trieste is known to host the famous sailing regatta Barcolana. It is the largest sailing race on Earth that happens on the Gulf of Trieste. For the sailing enthusiasts, this is a never miss spectacular show that will entertain you to the nerves.

Trieste is the place to be every year in October as this magnificent event happens annually. Barcolana is the 51st edition of this sailing competition and has the highest number of participants than any other sailing competition uniquely offering you sheer entertainment.

Savoia Excelsior Palace Trieste

Another attractive feature that makes Trieste a world tourist destination is the presence of the Savoia Excelsior Palace. It is a grand luxury hotel with a charm of its kind in Trieste. The majestic allure overlooks the sea, and it is located close to Piazza Unita d'Italia. The flamboyant resort has up to nine meeting halls that are ideal for both private and business events and meetings.

There are also a lot of comfortable rooms and master suites with a touch of classic décor, giving you the feeling of accomplishment. The palace also offers a wide range of gastronomic traditions and creative cuisines to visitors.

Presidential Suite, Savoia Excelsior Palace

Savoia is situated in a position that gives you stunning views of the historic seafront and panoramic scenes of the Gulf of Trieste. The swarming city centre is just minutes away from this ornate palace where you can experience beautiful monuments, historical cafes, and other bewildering itineraries. This hotel is the ideal place to stay for the visitors visiting Trieste for the grand regatta Barcolana competition.


Photography by Sébastien Rohner

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