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Aethic Sunscreen: the eco-frendly option

We can all agree that the choices we make can have a direct impact on the world around us. But when it comes to making things better, even small changes can make a difference, and when enacted collectively, get us moving in a positive and proactive direction.

That's why Aethic has a proud history of creating a series of products that are, without exception, genuinely good for the environment. Their sunscreen, for instance, is made using ingredients that have no negative impact on coral or marine life whatsoever.

Because there is, unfortunately, a lot of misinformation out there around how exactly this can be achieved. That's why Aethic has, for many years now, relied on a scientific approach when developing its range, and it's enabled them to consistently maintain the kind of high-standards needed in order to do no harm.

A common misconception is that biodegradable means a product breaking down to the point it has no adverse effect on the ocean. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Items may degrade but still ultimately cause harm, and this is true of many of the ingredients commonly found in sunscreen. Dilution is another term meant to put consumers at ease, when the truth is even a single particle floating freely can have a harmful effect on coral.

Also misunderstood, the term 'chemical'. Obviously, some chemicals are toxic, but the fact is all man-made materials are made from chemicals, usually natural elements already in existence. And these, often, are exactly what's required to produce safe, environmentally friendly products that everyone can enjoy.

There's been much discussion about the difference between the terms 'Non-toxic' and Coral Safe. Surprisingly, many non-toxic ingredients commonly found in things like food, never-the-less have a detrimental effect on coral. And while the natural, organic and mineral elements often used to market sunscreen can sound safe and appealing, the truth is most sun-blocks use a lot of processed additives to create their brand. As such, many of them are guilty of harming marine life. What's key is creating a product that's compatible with everything it comes into contact with: in this instance, human skin and then the ocean.

Aethic take this approach extremely seriously, and have made it their mission to create a sunscreen that successfully achieves both. They've worked long and hard testing everything they produce to ensure it's safe for both their customers and the environment. And they're just provided sunscreen for the Vestas 11 hour racing team 2017/18. Because, when it comes to protection, those guys deserve the very best.

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Photography by Sébastien Rohner

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