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Sailing on the Lake of St. Moritz

Sailing Vicinity St. Moritz

The advent of my invitation notice not to long ago was the inception of a trip masked from the scenes I have always entertained. Upon reaching the lake of St. Moritz, the air was overwhelming with frigid gushes of wind blowing past, instigating the trees to sleep and yawn alternatively. The water was tranquil and reserved for those ready to sail. Up was a beautiful, high noon blue sky maculated with fleecy white clouds and aeroplanes flying by. Alex and Simone; both sailing teachers were amazed by my arrival time for the fun day for I was a couple of hours early. The fresh air in the sailing club St. Moritz made me feel exhilarated and refreshed as the boats and water glittered invitingly before my two solicitors and me. Presented was an opportunity to showcase beautiful timepieces from Carl F. Bucherer.

Behold it all from the shore

Lake St. Moritz stocks regattas with 30 boats making it an exemplary sailing locale for different dinghy classes. With its quick divagations, the 1600 Kilometer long and 600 meters wide Lake St. Moritz requires proficient sailors displaying physical fitness. It`s such a boon the comprehensive course can be viewed while on the shore, allowing spectators to see each turn from every team. I was designated a Blu26 boat which was my first time to sail. At 1800 meters above sea level, best wind conditions for sailing are availed by the lakes of Upper Engadine. The legendary Maloja winds always blow regularly at 3 to 6 Beaufort allowing stupendous sailing and windsurfing regattas. Sailing on a Blu26 boat under the instructions of Simone surpassed my expectations. I was able to optimise everything as lead by my two coaches. It is of significance to accentuate the impressive part of Blu26; its ability to navigate with little employment of the wind.

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A Lake With Sailing Heritage

Lake St. Moritz has been an excellent sailing haven since the 1930s. It was then that Zurich Yacht Club opted for St. Mortize as a substitute for its regattas. Since then, important regattas have been hosted every year on the sailing club including the illustrious St. Moritz Match Race. The race held for many years is today remembered for how participants in America`s Cup duelled before a poignant mammoth of spectators. Represented were preeminent names such as Murray Jones, Jesper Bank, and Prada among others. This season a contest will be held in St.Mortiz and an overwhelming majority far and near are already booking for the 2018 season sailing champions league.

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Sailing School and Clubhouse

If devoted to developing excellent sailing skills then make St.Mortiz Sailing Club`s sailing school your destination. Alex and Simone are coaches endorsed by many and will ensure you perfect your skills as you have fun. The duo in addition to St. Moritz realm are aspects enough to make the Sailing Club worth your time. Restaurant services, sailors` facilities, and a pier are subsumed in the St. Moritz Sailing clubhouse.

Renting boats such as Laser 16s and Catamarans are available as well as two ramps for the Lake passageway. Places for 60 small boats and a dock which can accommodate 20 large ships are also available. In the event the wind is moving in an irreconcilable direction, rent stands up paddleboards, rowboats and e-bikes come in handy. The day was a success, and I owe a sense of obligation to Carl F Bucherer for coming to spend the day with us.

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Photography Sébastien Rohner

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