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Slovenia: Sun, sailing and sights for sore eyes

An ideal starting point for a sailing expedition, Slovenia’s marinas and ports provide both natural beauty and the necessary infrastructure to begin a sailing tour in Mediterranean waters.

With a variety of breathtaking routes open for the your expedition, it’s worth taking some time to think through your various travel options – how long you’re able to spend at sea, if there are any specific points of interest that are must-sees for you and your party, and of course whether you’ll be sailing yourself or if a skippered charter boat would be an advisable choice to allow you to lay back and enjoy your leisurely trip.

Even with the cities’ lively restaurants and renowned health resorts beckoning, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever feel that you’ve spent enough time on the water when you sail around Slovenia’s coast – so plan to take your time.

When the DESTINATION - SAILING team took to the water for a day out with Ralph and Sara, it was aboard the Elan GT5, which has a well-earned reputation for comfort along with its performance and good looks.

It’s a wonderfully spacious boat, and comes complete with modern conveniences like USB ports to keep gadgets charged – ready to serve a practical purpose or capture a moment in front of one of the coast’s vistas.

Historic Portoroz and its possibly-even-more-picturesque neighbour, Piran, are packed with historic sites worth exploring by land, but their distinctive Venetian architecture provided a strikingly beautiful backdrop for a day in the sun. Attired in Gant apparel and his Omega timepiece, Ralph completed the nautical picture while taking in the sights.

Piran, Slovenia

Portorož, Slovenia

Worried about crowds? While it’s true that Slovenia is a popular sailing destination, with more tourists visiting all the time, it’s also worth noting that there’s 46 km of coastline around the country – plenty of room for everyone.

Another drawcard? The cost of living is relatively low, and the food is well-priced and delicious. Stock up on your favourite foods before leaving the shore if you’re also in a spacious vessel that allows food preparation and comfortable dining on-board, or round off your trip at a restaurant when you reach the shore.

Photography by Sébastien Rohner

Words by Cayleigh Bright

Yacht Elan GT5

Watch Omega

Clothing Gant

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