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Our Day with Elan Yachts

Last month, the DESTINATION - SAILING team headed off to the Internautica Boat Show in beautiful Portorož, Slovenia. We took full advantage of the trip and met with the Elan Yachts team who treated us to an exciting cruise along the Slovenian coast in the Elan GT5.

The beautiful weather, the awe-inspiring coastline and the incredible yacht truly captivated us. We enjoyed every minute of our time on the water and even took the time to organize a photo shoot as we had the opportunity to show off the coastline and the luxuriously fast Elan GT5.

The Elan team explained that they have been building boats in Slovenia since 1949, when they started producing small wooden boats, kayaks and canoes. Their business grew, and as reinforced polyester was introduced into the yacht building world, they became the leading composite tech company in the region.

Since the ‘70s, Elan produced over 10 000 yachts and small boats and won numerous awards. They pride themselves on building yachts that are easy to handle, comfortable and safe and luxurious, but throughout the world they are well-known for their high performance capabilities and good build quality.

The Elan GT5 design has been inspired by the successful Elan E5 model and hits the perfect balance of a comfortable cruising vessel and a premium performance yacht. As we were sailing, it became quickly obvious that It’s easy to handle. The team showed us the many features of the GT5, which are usually associated with larger yachts, such as a swimming platform, a well-fitted galley, and a saloon that is designed with wide skylights, making it extremely spacious for a yacht that size. The GT5 model is the only one of its size to be fitted with a separate shower along with a two-head and three-cabin layout. I must say that the elegant fixtures give the interior a fresh and modern feel. The large deck is easy to move around and boasts plenty of practical solutions enhancing comfort; for instance the table system can be converted to a sunbed. There’s no doubt that the elegant GT5 will turn heads and receive admiring looks wherever it goes. Around 43 feet in length with a 12-foot beam, the standard Elan GT5 offers a variety of layout options. Uniquely, each plan has the galley forward to maximize space and comfort.

The DESTINATION - SAILING team had a superb day with Elan and the GT5 and would like to thank all for the opportunity to see the yacht in all its glory.!

Friendly people, a picturesque coastline and great weather made Slovenia an ideal destination for sailing – and we would recommend the Porotrož and Piran areas especially. Set between Croatia and Italy, its coast offers charming marinas that are close together so sailing between them is leisurely and serene.

Photography by Sébastien Rohner

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