Sailing in Reverso

January 29, 2018

On his latest trip to France’s Yacht Club de Mauguio Carnon, DESTINATION - SAILING photographer Sébastien Rohner came face-to-face with the ground-breaking dinghy that’s making waves across Europe and the States.


Introducing Reverso: a multi award-winning innovation in sailing!





Thanks to its highly passionate founders, Antoine Simon and Antoine Nouvel , the dream of Reverso is now a reality which sailors around the world can enjoy. Its design is strong and sleek, able to navigate any body of water with grace and stability.


Created with unique vacuum infusion technology and top-quality materials, owners can easily assemble their own hull and Dacron sail in less than three minutes! Every detail – including the splicing method for its ropes and distinct cockpit design – give Reverso optimal balance between the drift plane and rigging so that the slightest touch enhances its performance even further.


Available in three styles (STANDARD, AIR and CUSTOM), freedom is Reverso’s ultimate selling point. There is no need for mooring as any style can be stored at home in a basement or garage. Whether you prefer gentle lake sailing in Switzerland or slicing through the sea in gales along the South African coast, Reverso remains unconstrained for maximum sailing pleasure.


Selling price: from €7, 995 (approx. CHF 9’400)


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Portrait: Antoine Novel







Photography by Sébastien Rohner


Words by Shalagh-Ann Fredericks 


Illustration by Reverso










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