Being Brotschi: Part II

December 29, 2017


The picturesque panorama of the Urnersee lures countless travellers to its tranquil waters every year – including Zürich-based model and current face of Destination-Sailing, Andrea Brotschi... 




D-S: What is your favourite part about your job?


AB: Traveling and meeting lots of interesting people. Every day is different.


D-S: How would you describe photographer Sébastien Rohner in three words?


AB: Talented. Focused. Caring.


D-S: What was the best part of your D-S shoot experience?


AB: It was my first time on a sailing boat and we had such a great team – so important for a successful shoot. I had never been to the Urnersee or sailed before, but I’ll definitely go back again.


D-S: Why should we visit Urnersee?


AB: It’s got a wonderful landscape and the mountains and lake are beautiful.


D-S: What’s your favourite quote?


AB: ‘Happiness is not a destination – it is a way of life.’


D-S: What's the most important thing about modelling which you think people should know?

AB: Be on time, reliable, well-organised and very flexible, because every week looks different. Be yourself and do what you love doing.




Read Part I of Being Brotschi and follow @andreabrotschi on Instagram. 






Photography by Sébastien Rohner 


Model: Andrea Brotschi 

Interviewed by Shalagh-Ann Fredericks


Drone by Gianni Baumann


Hair & Make-Up Selina Beutler


Styling Carlos Pereira


Skipper Christian Moser




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