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3 Exquisite Watches for Sailors

A watch says everything about a person, their class and taste. That's why it's important to present yourself with one of beauty and awe. A sailor in particular, needs one that does justice to his passion. There's no better watch than that of Carl Friedrich Bucherer, who was a true genius in the industry.

Carl Friedrich Bucherer was accountable for the majority development of the Lucrene-based watch brand. His visionary mind was key to crafting the most revolutionary watches of the 1800s. Bucherer blended extravagant exteriors with deeper beauty like no other.

His name was a stamp of quality for buyers and his originality was unrivalled, constantly putting forth new and innovative designs. 1888 was the year he decided to open shop and his business obviously boomed. He had two sons, both of whom have followed in their father's footsteps and did him proud by crafting masterful timepieces to this day. Let's talk about his works....

Patravi ChronoDate

A fantastic piece of his is the dazzling Patravi ChronoDate. It will astound you with its aesthetics and surprisingly practical uses. It seems that the days when a watch told the time and only the time are long gone. Today they are representations of style and vitality. The inky, seductive Patravi ChronoDate has perfectly bordered frames with large, flamboyant signs in the centre to tell the time ever so clearly. Combined with the tinted graph navigations at 3, 6 and 9, this watch exhibits dazzling beauty. There is a sense of symmetry that contributes to the entire balance of the watch.

Reference 00.10624.08.33.01 CHF 6'250.00

Patravi ScubaTec

This second watch is especially suitable for men and women at sea. The Patravia ScubaTec, which is equipped with a 500 meter radius of water resistance and measures at 44.5 mm in diameter for the case. The bezel ​rotates freely and features a solid insert that notifies owners of the first fifteen minutes of dive time. The light blue​ ​colo​ur was a personal addition from Mr. Bucherer as he ​adored its hue​​. The watch is definitely dedicated to professionals of the career: the crown jewel is secured into the watch's base and its crystal centrepiece is almost ​four​ millimetres thick. Another nifty feature is the air valve at the side of the case​:​ this turn protects the watch from damage done by air pressure changes within the water.​

Reference 00.10632.22.33.01 CHF 22'500.00

Manero PowerReserve

Another Carl F. Bucherer classic is the Manero PowerReserve – a watch with 42.5 millimetres diameter, 18K rose gold and beautiful anti-reflective crystals on parallel sides with a rose gold dial. There's a neat power reserve notifier, large date indicator along with hours, minutes and seconds. You can breeze through the day with the watch's hefty 55 hours of battery power. A stylish brown strap holds the intricate pieces together for a stunning whole. As for sailor benefits, a whopping 30 meters of water resistance is in place for undersea adventures.

Reference 00.10912.03.13.01 CHF 19'800.00

Photography: Sébastien Rohner

Watches: Carl F Bucherer

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