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Being Brotschi: Part I

Rock bands, New York City and the best compliment she’s ever heard - Zürich-based beauty Andrea Brotschi talks to D-S as she sails with us on the Urnersee...

“I would take my closest friends and family to an island and invite a rock band to have a party,” says Andrea Brotschi when asked what she would do if she knew she had only one day left to live. Born in Solothurn, Brotschi began modelling full-time only four years ago. Since then, she has walked myriad shows at Berlin Fashion Week, Fashion Days Zürich and worked for several of the world’s most acclaimed brands like Bulgari, Missoni and L’Oréal.

With four languages under her belt (Swiss German, German, English and French), Brotschi is a multitalented mix of brave ambition and effortless buoyancy. Formerly working in the accountancy and health insurance industries, she believes in doing “what you love to do and not what others expect you to do.” After all, as she explains, “you only have one life, so make sure you are happy!”

“I love New York and its spirit,” Brotschi continues. “I like people with a sense of humour; people who can laugh at themselves and care about those less fortunate.” Being described as “inwardly beautiful and a good person at heart” is valued more than compliments received for her elegant outer features. Even her personal definition of beauty focuses on the character of a person (“like a humorous character and how one treats the next person”) more than a structured jaw or smouldering peepers.

But what if modelling wasn’t the daily agenda? “I’d be doing something in education or work as a television presenter or radio host.” One thing’s for certain: no matter what Brotschi has planned for the years to come, she will make sure it’s something she truly loves.

Follow @andreabrotschi on Instagram and search ‘Andrea Caroline Brotschi Model’ on Facebook.

Photography by Sébastien Rohner

Interviewed by Shalagh-Ann Fredericks

Model: Andrea Brotschi

Hair & Make-Up Selina Beutler

Styling Carlos Pereira

Skipper Christian Moser

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