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All Aboard Amel 50

Sailing photographer Sébastien Rohner takes us on a personal tour of the magnificent new Amel 50 sailboat.

Where did you first view the Amel 50?

I was at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2017 where Amel 50 had its official inauguration. It initially launched online in April 2017.

First thoughts?

What a spectacular vessel! I’m more of a visual person, so the look and design of this new Amel makes it a real beauty – maybe even the most stylish boat in the Amel shipyard!

What about the cockpit?

The protected cockpit – which is one of the signatures of Amel – is luxuriously comfortable to sail in. It’s also very safe as you can control the entire boat with push buttons and the steering wheel. There are solid guard rails all around the boat and its sails can be controlled with push buttons too – so no need to go to the front in heavy weather!

Can a monohull really be that comfortable?

More than you think! Typically, a catamaran offers more comfort compared to a monohull, especially for long journeys or living permanently on the boat. The Amel 50 is different. It gives you that unique sailing feeling while delivering maximum comfort in its living areas and the vast storage space it offers in all the rooms is truly amazing.

Who is Amel 50’s ideal sailor?

It’s a perfect choice for couples with plans to sail the world. Aside from its comfort, Amel 50 features the latest technology and is extremely safe. Everything can be controlled from the cockpit. Its master cabin is enormous for a boat this size and the useful window under the bed allows you to see the propeller easily. It also comes with a washing machine, dryer and lounge with a TV hidden cleverly behind the sofa.


What about larger groups?

No problem! Amel 50 sleeps six and can easily accommodate up to 10 guests on board for day trips or just to catch some summer rays on the scenic sunbath behind the central cockpit.

The engine room is underneath the cockpit... everything has been placed completely away from the living room area to reduce noise. Even better are the doors which have been waterproofed to minimise noise levels.

Anything else we should know?

Amel offers one full week of training and the selling price for the Amel 50 begins at €720, 000 (excl. VAT).

Photography by Sébastien Rohner

CGI by Amel

Words by Shalagh-Ann Fredericks

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